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Welding Workshop

Our welding workshop is configured for the manufacturing of heavy steel construction parts, individual parts can be produced up to a maximum weight of 60 metric tons. A qualified quality control system through certified employees, European Welding Engineer and European Welding Expert, optimizes the welding process and guarantees the faultless processing even of challenging steel qualities a.o.: structural steel, detailed granule structural steels, height temperature-, cold viscous-, rustles and special steel.

Non destructive welded seam inspections are carried out through certified external partners in the workshop, as well as though our own qualified employees. 

The welded parts are dimension stabilized through the utilization of the VSR- procedure or through stress free annealing for further processing.

  • Parts with weight up to 60 tons
  • Modern MAG-, WIG- Welding Technique
  • Submerged arc welding machines, welding manipulator, turning and tilting device
  • Efficient Flame Warm Up- and Flame Adjusting Equipment
  • Quality Control through Qualified Employees, EWE, EWS 
  • Non Destructive Weld Seam Inspections In-house and extern
  • CNC Flame Cutting System
  • Continous working sand blasting machine